Do you love cocktails and always wondered how to prepare them?
FineStrainCocktailCo organizes fun online cocktail workshops for individuals, groups and corporate team building outings. Through a live stream application such as  Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex,
the cocktail workshop will take place in your living room so that everyone may keep an appropriate distance from each other but can still have a lot of fun during these challenging times.

Our instructors will share their years of experience with you, and teach you the art of preparing cocktails through approaching different types of techniques and keeping in mind sustainability, by reducing waste in cocktails.

You will learn:
  • Tips & tricks on how to use use home kitchen equipment for cocktail preparation, no need for expensive gear.
  • Techniques and insights on how to prepare homemade syrups for cocktails and how to create delicios cocktails with less ingredients available in house. 
  • Flair session: If you are not familiar with this term, now is the moment to see how Tom Cruise rocks the bar in the movie Cocktail. Our professional bartender will host a short demonstration for you.
Once you've mastered the basic principles of mixing you can finally impress your friends and family with amazing cocktails!    

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